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Designing Your Safe Room

Spend a little time watching the evening news and you will see there are risks everywhere. In addition to threats to our national security, there are internal concerns to our personal safety every day. This is especially true if you are a successful person who has worked hard to build a better life for you and your family.A safe room helps protect what you have worked so hard to build. Sometimes these rooms can be a steel shelter built above or below ground and other times they are carefully reinforced rooms within your main home.Burglary, kidnapping, and politically motivated personal attacks increase in frequency every year. These carefully designed environments are aimed at providing short term protection while authorities are contacted and support arrives. It's important not to immediately rule out the possibility of a hostage situation, however, and to assure that enough water, food, and personal support is in place to allow you and your family to remain inside for several days if necessary.

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Is a Steel Shelter Right?

There are several reasons you may choose to create a special structure to protect your family. You may live in an area where weather emergencies are possible, or you may be concerned about rising crime in your area. You may simply know that having worked hard to assure the future of your family has paradoxically made them vulnerable to attack.Whatever your reason, a safe room is a great way to provide ultimate protection to your family. One excellent and affordable way to provide this is through the use of a steel shelter. Sadly, there are vendors who do not provide the quality you deserve. Look for those characteristics that give you confidence:

  • Construction should exceed FEMA specifications
  • Demanding testing should be validated by outside sources
  • Wind force strength that has been tolerated during testing should be clearly stated
  • Should include an all steel door including hinges, deadbolts, and door lever
  • Should include integrated options for outside communication so you can call for help

Protecting your valuable family is worth a little extra investigation now.

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