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Panic Room, NBC Shelter

With crime levels increasing throughout the nation, creating a safe room in your home just makes good sense. There are several important components to an effective panic room. Plan to have a way to contact the police in the event of intruders in your home. This can mean an alarm system that directly contacts the authorities, or perhaps a buried phone line that cannot be severed. It's best to assure that the room is soundproofed as well so intruders will not overhear you contacting help.You will need power for the room. This might be a self-contained generator in the room, or battery powered lights and phones for a more economical approach. An NBC shelter, which will guard against biological, chemical or nuclear threats, will have more complex power needs.Air circulation is an important consideration. The best safe rooms and shelters are temperature and humidity controlled and airtight. If this is not feasible, it is still important to have air filtration and circulation safeguards in place that will prevent intruders from 'smoking you out'.Finally, the room must have some attention given to bathroom issues. A self-composting toilet, for example, is essential to an extended stay.

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An NBC Shelter Needs More

While the items needed for a safe room may seem comprehensive to deal with threats to your family's safety, they are not. A panic room is aimed at protecting a family briefly while authorities arrive at a home invasion location. An NBC shelter, on the other hand, is designed to guard against nuclear, chemical and biological threats, and must be habitable for a much longer time. Some of the supplies you will need for this protection are:

  • Sophisticated NBC ventilation units
  • Water and water filtration supplies
  • Ready Reserve Foods

And this list is still by no means exhaustive. Trust professionals like those you will find at Disaster Bunkers to lead you to the right choices for your safe future.

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