Hidden Survival Shelters
Bomb Shelter Construction Tips

Designing Your Safe Room

Things can be replaced, people cannot. Protecting your loved ones in the event of a home invasion is so important. A home vault is a prudent precaution when you have valuables to protect, but hidden rooms allow you to often protect both the things and, more importantly, the people that are dear to your heart.Your hidden room should always be fitted with a warning device that allows you to immediately contact law enforcement or a private security service, preferably both. You might consider installing an alarm that sounds throughout your home to alert intruders that they have been discovered, and hopefully encourage them to leave. Another important consideration is selecting a location that allows easy access from multiple locations within your home. You never know where you will be if and when an intrusion occurs.

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Selecting a Home Vault

Are you in a position where you have acquired several possessions, through hard work or inheritance, and you know you need to protect them but you're just not sure how? Then it's time to consider a home vault.Your vault can take so many different forms. It is an integrated component in several survival shelters, or it can be a stand alone fixture in a closet. Many choices are carefully hidden. Here are but a few options you might consider:
Home Vault Rooms
  • Luxury safes with hardwood interiors to protect files, jewelry, or larger collectible items
  • Jewelry safes
  • Burglary and fire safes
  • Floor safes
  • Gun safes
  • Wall safes

With such a wide range of choices it's important to choose a provider you can trust. Stand alone options must be carefully anchored to be fully secure, and hidden choices require experience to assure professional installation. You'll do best to avoid those inexpensive options when it's time to find protection for most valuable things you own. Choose Disaster Bunkers, with satisfied customers and up to date skills to give you confidence. We invite you to contact us for all your protection needs.

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Survival Shelters Face the Worst

It can be very difficult to believe the events we see on the news might ever come to pass close to home. If you have decided to take a proactive approach to what you see all around you, contact us. Hidden rooms within your home, outfitted to function as complete survival shelters, work to make sure that your family is not the next headline news story.