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You may think you are a completely responsible gun owner. You have taught your family all there is to know about gun safety, and you make sure your guns are always cleaned and stored properly. There's an important part of your responsibility that is still missing, however.While your own children may know to never touch your guns, will all their friends?

A gun safe assures you will never have to explain to another parent how a tragic accident happened in your home. Wall safes protect things that we hold dear, but nothing is dearer than the lives of those we love.There are choices that range from single gun units to those that protect multiple guns. Personal safety is the most compelling reason to make this purchase, but another important factor is your own investment. Good quality guns are expensive and desirable items to steal. Make your home less appealing to criminals with this simple addition.

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Wall Safes Guard Your Treasures

Do you have a precious piece of jewelry from a great-grandparent? A treasured diary hundreds of years old from an ancestor? Whatever is precious to you, you can protect it with walls safes. A floor safe is often less convenient than this choice, making a wall unit preferable for things you want to access often.Be sure to use professional installation to assure your safe is completely undetectable. Your unit should utilize solid steel construction with concealed hinges to provide the best protection. Several good choices also require both a combination and a key to further safeguard your valuables.If you are a small business owner, a wall unit is a great option to keep cash on hand and make fewer trips to the bank. If you operate a business that has late hours, like a restaurant or convenience store, avoiding the bank late at night increases your own personal security.

Floor Safe Considerations

Perhaps the best thing about a floor safe is that it is virtually invisible. Concealed under a room size rug or substantial piece of furniture, no one will ever know it's there. This is particularly appealing if you have employees who work in your home or domestic help.Because of the inconvenience of removing large items from the floor, generally small valuables are stored in these units. And of course a gun safe is the only acceptable way to store your firearms.

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