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Emergency Shelter Options

Having a family changes everything. Life priorities, how we spend our money and what we do for fun, shift when we get married or have a child. Knowing your family has an emergency shelter in case of disaster can bring true peace of mind. For some families, protection against tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters feels sufficient. For others, NBC shelters, to guard one's family for a prolonged period of time in the event of a manmade disaster, is the right choice.Whichever choice seems right for your family, Disaster Bunkers is here to design the right solution with you.

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NBC Shelters

NBC, or Nuclear Bio-Chemical, protection measures go beyond the emergency shelter of bygone days. NBC shelters protect against the elements at least as well as any advertised tornado or hurricane shelter. They also withstand violent movement of the ground, which can either occur from earthquake sources or bomb blasts. Unlike other shelters aimed at wind related disasters only, this option will protect your air source, whether that is necessary due to a wild fire, chemical or biological gasses from a military source, or fallout from nuclear sources.Protection that is so specialized, and so important, requires an expert. When you decide to make the significant investment required by an all hazard shelter, many determine that cutting corners in cost is low on the list of priorities. Choose a company with experience and a reputation for delivering results. Once you know the requirements to protect your family in any disasters of concern to you, you will be looking for a security resource that can provide the materials, information, and complete turnkey solutions for your long-terms security. Contact us today to find out how we can help you. Please note that we are open to bartering and have a broad spectrum of solutions to meet your needs.

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